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Les Floyd - Honorary Life Member

Every Nomad who has had the privilege of donning the Easterns yellow and light blue (now navy) has in some way contributed to the club’s success. However, as in life, every club has those who have contributed a great deal more than others, at Easterns this person is Les Floyd who, for his outstanding achievement and contribution to Nomads over a number of years is the only member of Easterns to have been awarded Honorary Life Membership. An achievement the club is extremely proud of. 

Harry Harper-Smith Norman Hopkinson
Les Floyd ( Honorary Life Member )  Valdi Pala
Robin Wrighton Neville Kimber
Jimmy Sales Tony Varrie
Mike Tarr Gary Bray
Ray Karshagen Vic Hall
Robbie Frank Mike Swemmer
Phillip Michaux Neil Malherbe

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