latest-drawThe knockout competition is an annual event with rounds having to be completed by predetermined dates as set out by the club executive with the final of the cup and plate played at the club's Gold Cup event.

Abridged Rules

  1. Any qualifying Nomad in good standing may enter with any other member of his choice.
  2. Once a pairing has been entered no substitution of partners will be permitted if the pair have completed a competitive round. If one player withdraws from the competition his playing partner may still compete in the competition but will play the remaining games on his own.
  3. With the exception of the first round and the final players are encouraged to play their games outside of scheduled monthly games.
  4. There is no seeding and random draws take place after each round.
  5. Matches not played by the predetermined date shall be deemed to be in default and the defaulting pair will be eliminated.
  6. The first pair drawn will determine the venue for the match to be played, they will give their opponents at least 3 dates to choose from (2 will be on the weekend) at a venue included in the club roster.
  7. The individual and combined handicaps when the draw is made will be the handicaps used for the round. In instances when the individual's club handicap has been adjusted downwards in the period between the draw and the game the Nomads handicap will be adjusted in accordance with the Nomads Rules of Play. 
  8. The match will be won by the pair with the highest combined score, in the event of a tie the match shall proceed on a 'sudden death' basis (no further handicap allowance to be made on either side).

* The points contained here are to be used as a guideline only, in the event of a dispute or the full set of rules pertaining to the competition please refer to the official Nomads Golf Club Rules of Play


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