A Division B Division C Division “Snake Killer”
May Kobus Bredenhann Richard Hunter Brad Schoeman Peter Lombard
Jun Cleon Moore Vic Hall Brett Skinner Charles King
Jul  Chris Thompson  Anthony Scribante  Pieter Kruger  Nicky Minnaar
Aug  Huntley Harris  Dave Hoehler  Raju Kika  Eric Fisher
Sep  Greg Mervitz  Ricardo Catanho  Len Sanders  Albert SPALDING
Oct  Joe Gumede  Geoff Fairhurst  Basil Wilcox  Grant Gladwin
Nov  Stephen Malherbe  Miichael Druce  Len Sanders  Cleon Moore



Abridged Rules 

  1. The highest scoring eligible member of a division during the playing year at a monthly game will qualify as well as a home club member who tied that score at a home game but lost on a count-out.
  2. A member playing in the Gold Cup Competition will do so in the division he qualified, irrespective of his handicap on the day of the competition. For example a member may have won the B Division in any of the months in the playing year but at the time of the Gold Cup his handicap has been adjusted placing him in the A division, he will still compete for the Gold Cup in the B division.
  3. If during the course of the year a member has won in two divisions he may chose in which division he wishes to compete.
  4. A visiting Nomad who may have won a division during the year cannot compete in the Gold Cup the home club member scoring the next highest will be eligible.
  5. A member has won during the year but is not eligible to play in the Gold Cup will be replaced by the next highest qualifying Nomad in that month.
  6. Gold Cup players will compete off the average handicap from the previous 6 meetings, but off their current Nomads handicap for all the other competitions.
  7. The ‘Gold Cup’ will be awarded to the player in each division, there will be no runners-up.

*The abridged rules contained here are to be used only as a guideline. In the event of a dispute or rule clarification please refer to the official set of rules as set out in the official Nomads Golf Club Rules of Play.

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