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It’s hard to believe that my year as Captain, of arguably the best Nomads Golf Club, is drawing to an end.   When I was inducted as Junior Vice, the journey to becoming Captain seemed quite daunting but also exciting. Each year involved different responsibilities and commitment and the realisation that you are steering a very “well-oiled ship”! Needless to say, time really flies when you are having fun, and so, I find myself now ready to hand over the reins to our incoming Captain, Hector King. 


The past year as Captain has been an eventful one – with many Anniversaries, National Tournaments and inter club competitions hosted by Easterns, to be spoken about. Sadly, we also said a final farewell to Allan Harris and Basil Lucas ! May they Rest in Peace!


Fresh out of the starting blocks as Captain, I had the privilege of being part of our 40th Anniversary celebrations held in May! In true Easterns spirit, a great weekend was had by all those who participated in the golf and festivities. We were blessed to have some of our founding members present for these celebrations and all were awarded their 40 year ties – Congratulations to Neville Kimber, Rob Wrighton, Brian Bolton and Brian Mutch. Iris Wrighton was also acknowledged for her 30 years of service to Easterns- both as a table lady and later as Match Secretary. Derick Lindsay and his Organising Committee need a special mention for all the hard work and dedication they put into making the 40th Anniversary the memorable occasion that it was. A word of thanks to Darren Millington and Benoni Country Club for their support and attention to detail at this event! A special thanks to Cargo Motors: Graeme Wood and Albert Spalding, for their support with our anniversary celebrations.


July saw an eager Easterns contingent head off to Sun City for the Diamond Challenge. Being the good travelling team that we are, Easterns were victorious and proudly hold the trophy for this competition. This weekend is really one of the best away tours! Our “bus-bunny barman” (worst player) was unveiled and Jarrod Williams was the first recipient thereof! To the Williams family – Rod, Michelle and Jarod – a big Thank you for all your planning and organising of, not only this away tour, but all of those you were involved in. A special word of thanks to Ray Karshagen for his contribution to the away tour bus!


Our National Chairman, Andrew Bullen was with us for our game at Ebotse in September. It was great having a full field for his visit. Thank you to Ebotse for hosting us and for the use of the course and facilities. A word of thanks to all the Easterns members who stepped up to the plate and made Andrews visit a memorable one. Even though I was incapacitated, I knew he would be in good hands!


September also saw us travel to Dullstroom for the Glenbrynth Trophy.   For those not in the know, this trophy encompasses the LES Trophy, Quadrangular and Glenbrynth Challenge – three competitions in one! Highland Gate Golf Club proved to be an excellent choice of venue for this competition. Easterns were victorious and added another 3 trophy’s to the cabinet for the year! Brian Algar added the prestigious “Bus Bunny Barman” to his golfing list of achievements! Once again, Rod and Michelle Williams were superb organisers and we thank them for all their effort!


At the Natex Management meeting held at Erinvale in September, Easterns received a special mention and was recognised as a high profile club in SA Nomads. This comment is surely bolstered by the fact that we have 5 members on the National Executive: Robbie Frank, Vic Hall, Peter Chown, Les Floyd and Eric Fisher – each fulfilling a vital portfolio. We are also proud to have the newly elected National JVC for 2019, Neill Malherbe, as a member! Well done and thank you to ALL Easterns Nomads for raising the bar and making our club one to be respected!


October was a busy month, with an Easterns “away team” heading off to the Botswana Nomads National Tournament. We celebrated a few divisional winners and overall divisional winners with Jimmy, Joe and Wimpie making the top of the list. Team SA were victorious! Thanks to Robbie and Vic for the use of their crew busses and to Tim Calvert of Botswana, for a really enjoyable weekend.


October also saw Easterns fill its allocation to the Eswatini National Tournament. This tournament is proving to be the benchmark for all National Tournaments and I encourage every Easterns member who has not yet attended one of these Nationals, to try and do so! As always, there are protocols involved with team selection, so be sure to find out what they are and put your name down timeously! Congratulations to Nickey Minnaar on being the best SA player at the tournament.

Our Mystery Tour – once again superbly organised by Rod, Michelle and Jarod Williams was a great success! A contingent of 40 Easterns Nomads set out early on a Saturday morning for what proved to be a really enjoyable tour to Koro Creek. The “Bus-bunny barman” for the away tours is now becoming a feature and Struan King was the worthy winner this time around.

The team to represent Easterns at the Firethorn Nationals was announced at our November game. Jimmy Sales very efficiently sorts out the team selection for this event and I would like to thank him sincerely for all that he does for us behind the scenes.


Our Gold Cup was played at Benoni Country Club in December. We had a full house entry for the day, which was very pleasing! Thank you to all visiting Nomads for their attendance and to all the guests who had the opportunity to experience true Nomadic spirit- we hope you enjoyed your day with us. A special word of thanks to Benoni Country Club, Darren, Deon, the pro shop and all staff members for going the extra mile and making the day the success it was.


Congratulations to our golfer of the year P W Botha along with all of the other winners for the 2018 playing year.


In January, we started the new year off with our monthly game at Pollak Park. This was not a random selection of venue, but one specifically chosen to honour one of our Honorary Life Members, Lesley George Godwin Floyd! Les was awarded his 40 year tie at this monthly game. In recognition of Les and his contribution to Nomads, our National Chairman, Andrew Bullen and 28 visiting Nomads entered the game, thereby making it a really special day. Gary Bray, past Easterns Captain and National Chairman really did Les proud with his eloquent, well prepared speech in Les’ honour!


February saw the hosting of the Captains Cup : Gauteng vs Easterns : a competition which follows the Ryder Cup format. Played over two days, Royal Oak, State Mines and Lake Club were worthy hosts of this competition and I thank these clubs for all the support they gave us in making this event the success it was. Need I say it.. but … Easterns were the victors and added another trophy to our tally for the year!


The much anticipated “Firethorn Nationals” hosted by Gauteng at Randpark Golf Course, took place in March. All that remained for Easterns to achieve a “clean sweep” with the trophy’s this year was the Burt Hunt Trophy! We fought bravely and were top of the leader board on two days! Sadly, bragging rights were not going to be ours! Congratulations to Graeme Bishop and his organising team on a superb event and Sean Ledden, Gauteng Captain, on leading his team to victory! Peter Bailey was the best playing Easterns Nomad, winning the Arthur Ferneyhough Gold Salver: 129/10.25! Congrats Pete, we all tried our best but you are a worthy Champion scoring consistently over your four playing days! Steve Bouwer was second in the B Division Eclectic : 43.0/6.0.


Final standings for the competition: Gauteng: 29.22; Free State: 28.82; Easterns: 28.72


Easterns Nomads, and indeed Nomads SA would not be in the position it is without the support we receive from our sponsors. It would be remiss of me not to make special mention of our Local sponsors.   To each and every one of you, I say a HUGE thank on behalf of Easterns Nomads! In the difficult economic climate we all find ourselves in, it is really amazing what our local sponsors do for us both regarding monthly game sponsorships and individual competitions. A word of thanks to Graeme Wood: Cargo Motors for the two club balls and Rowlin National Brokers for their support regarding Asset Insurance for Easterns and Nomads SA.

A special shout out to Gavin Adams, who, over the past year, sourced monthly sponsors for our playing games. In addition to this he managed to find magazine sponsors and renew our special achievement prize sponsorships.




As all Nomads are aware, every monthly game has Individual Prize awards based on the day’s play. Thanks to sponsorships from current and past Easterns Nomads, these competitions are kept viable and relevant:

Alan and Dudley Meredith : Victor Fortune Eagle

Ryan Schaper and Errol Civin : Benneton Insurance: Benneton Duo

Bob and Linda Hall: CMC Best of the Rest

Polla De Jong : Elemental Analytics: Wununder

Matthew Dudley: Thuthuka Welding Products : Nearest for least on Par 5

Rob Gordon: Clydesdale Engineering : Two under on the PAR 3’s

Derick Lindsey: Dynamic Battery Chargers: Senior Man of the Match

Robbie Frank Elemental Analytics: Worst playing fourball pink caps

Vic Hall : Colvic: Snake Killer and Duck Worth Lewis trophies

Colin Whitaker: Varries Hallelujah

Vic Langkilde: Ebotse Playing Club Vouchers

Peter Chown: HLB Nearest the Pin

Norman Leys: Golfers Club: Attendance draw


Without all the time and hard work invested by Derick Lindsey into ensuring that Easterns is blessed with a fantastic prize table each month, our sponsors and players would not enjoy the fruits of their hard labour after our monthly games. He keeps an eagle eye out for specials at The Golfers Club, Makro and many other retail outlets to get “bang for his buck” when buying the prizes.   In addition to this, he is the badge master as well as game and tie award procurer! Thank you for your unending support Derick!


During the past year we were fortunate enough to also rally sponsors around to assist with subsidising the purchasing of our new winter jackets, to the value of R 50 000. Our thanks and appreciation to the following:

  • Philip Michaux: Motus
  • Vic Hall: Colvic
  • Robbie Frank and Pollo De Jong : Elemental Analytics
  • Matthew Dudley and Mark Ablett : Isoarc Thuthuka
  • Graeme Wood and Albert Spalding: Cargo Motors.

Nomads, as a golfing community, raises funds for a number of different outreach programmes, namely, Furtherance of Golf and the Andrew Mentis Endowment Fund. Contributions from our National Sponsors as well as numerous Nomads make these programmes the success they are. Furtherance of Golf is supported by the sale of the FOG Glenbrynth tickets. Through Golforama, under the watchful eye of Jimmy Sales as the Easterns Co- Ordinator and stalwart of this programme, funds are raised which are put to good use in the furtherance of golf to the broader golfing community including junior golf, women’s golf and disabled golf. Thank you to Jimmy and all Easterns members who gave up their free time, family and weekends to help at these professional tournaments.


To our JVC Stephen Malherbe, Thank You for your monthly attendance at the Ekurhuleni Golf Union meetings and numerous junior prize giving’s. The Fellowship Day as well as the Memorial Day were handled with professionalism and efficiency and enjoyed by all who participated. I thank all Easterns Nomads who made the time to enter these annual events, which are aimed at benefitting aspiring golfers and local communities that are in need.


Brett Skinner has managed the portfolio of National Sponsor Co -Ordinator efficiently and without problems. I thank Brett for moving the trailer to and from each game and helping out with the sound system. The relationship that Brett has forged with National sponsors Glenbrynth and SAB was clearly evident at our 40th anniversary celebrations as well as the Andrew Mentis and Gold Cup games. With Robbie Frank (National PRO) giving up his time to secure these national sponsors, it is important to acknowledge what these national sponsors do - specifically for Easterns - to enhance your playing experience.


In my Captains year Nomads have been Sponsored:


  • 300 bottles of 3 year old Glynbrynth
  • 21 bottles 12 year old Glenbrynth
  • 21 bottles Single malt.
  • 24 bottles of Glayva.
  • 1 evenings supper for players at Nationals.

*Taylor made

  • R500 000.00 worth of prizes at both nationals, gold cup and Andrew Mentis R42 000.00/club.

*Konica Minolta

  • Konica Minolta challenge R200 000.00.
  • FOG R150 000.00.
  • Clubs R30 000.00 /club.

* SAB Brewery’s

  • 60 cases of Stella.
  • Cowboy bar at nationals R150 000.00.
  • 8 kegs for Goldcup Andrew mentis and anniversary.
  • I evening supper at nationals.
  • R5000.00 donation to each Andrew Mentis club Fund.
  • R70 000.00/club.

* Imperial / Motus

  • 1 evening supper at Nationals for 34 Easterns R250 000.00 +Marketing
  • R300 000.00 to FOG
  • R180 000.00 to the Motus / Imperial Challenge
  • Club spend R62 000.00/year


  • I evening supper at nationals + marketing R250 000.00
  • R300 000.00 to FOG
  • R180 000.00 to the Motus / Imperial Challenge
  • Club spend R62 000.00

* Europcar

  • Vehicle sponsor for the year R350 000.00
  • Nationals R50 000.00
  • Swindle R50 000.00
  • Club spend R37 500.00

Without these national sponsors, our monthly games along with Nationals would not be the great subsidised occasions that we enjoy as Nomads. Over the past years Nomads and specifically Eastern Nomads has been blessed with the continued support and underlying sponsorship of honorary member Philip Michaux. On behalf of all Nomads we thank Philip for his contributions and wish May and Philip all the best in his retirement.


Every month, our magazine (along with this hard copy) has been the work of both Steven Bouwer and Dave Hoehler. Thank you to Steve for the time taken to put this internet magazine as well as our annual hard copy of this year’s events together. You started with a blank sheet, having to pickle your way through a brand new editing program! Along with the support of Jarrod Williams, well done on mastering this editorial and I hope it goes from strength to strength.


This year, after taking over the portfolio of Membership officer from Jarrod Williams, Dave Hoehler initiated a monthly “one page” publication, which is available at each game. This is both an informative and enjoyable read.  Dave also spent many hours helping with the National survey and comprehensive follow up on the Easterns results. You have been my go to person on many occasions Dave and I thank you.


Easterns has see a decline in membership over the past year. There are a number of factors that can be attributed to this decline, immigration, work commitments, loss of sponsor members, as well as poor commitment from a number of Nomads. Easterns has now a membership of 153 members. Full active playing members totals 130. This is a cause of concern and needs to be addressed by all Eastern Nomads to build this Easterns club back to a playing field of 140 players on a monthly basis.


Jarrod Williams has spread his wings and is now working in China. I thank him for the time he gave to the Committee over the past few years. He fulfilled different roles, each time offering his expertise willingly.   Away tours and computer skills were definitely a forte of his and we all really benefitted from his passion and commitment to all he undertook. Jarrod is a solid example of what youth can contribute to a committee. To the young Nomads out there - it is not what Nomads can do for you, it’s what you can do for Nomads!


Rob Gordon, as Equipment officer, has looked after this portfolio without any real problems and set up a great rapport with our suppliers. Accounts were kept in check and for once, in a long time, Easterns is not sitting with unwanted clothing! Well done! With the able assistance of Phanwell on our playing days, we are always assured of being kitted out in our official uniform. Thank you Phanwell for your dedication and commitment to the Nomads and for always being on time and ready at every game.


Every committee meeting, Natex, club and member communication, is recorded in our Minutes and numerous responses compiled and sent out by Mark Strydom. He has kept the “Nomads record house” working efficiently and every notification is submitted on time. Thank you for that support and excellent management Mark.


For the past 10 years, our Match secretary and handicapper, has stood by each and every Captain. As captains and committees, we come and go, yet the professionalism that Terry Bailey has shown, has been unwavering. Whether it’s an early morning start, a full field of Nomads, or the numerous telephone calls (at all times of the day and night unfortunately) Terry manages every month, and with a smile! Time sheets, chasing of late payments, reconciliation of game payments and cash taken on the day, is always done accurately and efficiently. Congratulations on your 10 year award Terry! We look forward to many more years of your dedicated service to Nomads. Terry has a strong team of ladies to support her and to Lindsey, Cheryl and Cathy – Thank you for the selfless time you give up, especially your own golfing time (all are members of Lake Club) so that us Easterns Nomads can enjoy a great day on the golf course.


Treasury, finances or the “holder of the money bag”, is a portfolio that brings its own challenges. The incumbent has to deal with numerous incoming and outgoing payments, incorrect payments, payments not reflecting the depositors name, fraudulent transactions– the list is endless and ever evolving. It has been a steep learning curve for Graeme Goodrich, having taken over from Dave Arnison, but the accounts are accurate and correct, all due to Graeme and his determined efforts. He embraced these challenges and has presented an accurate set of financials. Thank you Graeme for your effort and time.


During my term of office I have had unending support from our immediate past Captain, Mike Fick. Without Mike, I believe my task in achieving my goals at Angel Wings as well as Oliver’s house would not have materialised as planned. I thank Mike for all his effort in the arranging of our Gary Player Competition as well as the Europcar Challenge - which has 1600 entries nationally.


Nomad without written portfolio, Warren Brits, looks after our Andrew Mentis finances. These finances are always accurate and on time. These are audited finances which are presented annually with our financials to J D Hill. Many Nomads clubs have trouble managing this account and as such, I would like to propose that Warren is nominated to continue in this vital portfolio! Thank you Warren for your service and dedication.


To my Vice Captain, Hector - I wish you all the best for your year as Captain of this ship. Well done on your productive Andrew Mentis fundraising efforts. Your selected charities have really benefitted from your commitment to each of them. I have enjoyed all your support over the past year. Thank you for your guidance as well as words of wisdom. The humour and efficiency that you bring to prize giving is enjoyed by all.   We are down to 45 minutes from the last player in, to the ringing of the bell! This, I am sure, is appreciated by all of the Nomads who stay for prize-giving. Well done Mr King!


In closing, I would like to thank Neill Malherbe for his guidance and help with legal issues and the constitution, in dealing with the difficult problems that I have had to solve and overcome - I am truly grateful and appreciative. I wish you the best as National Junior Vice Chairman and hope your journey to National Chairman will be an enriching one.

The responsibility of being Captain is time consuming, and often involves being away from work. To my business partner and brother-in-law, Matthew Dudley, thank you for your hard work at Thuthuka and for keeping an eagle eye on all things work related. It has been a comfort knowing you are there taking care of things, thereby giving me the opportunity to lead this great club.


As always there is a special time to thank the supporting role that is played behind the scenes in the Ablett household. There are numerous things Cathy helped me with from getting the embroidery, engraving, ticket sales including the liaison with Benoni Lake Club to ensure the hall and all other amenities for Eastern Nomads was cared for. This includes the Fellowship days ,Andrew Mentis days and the normal game days for the past 3 years.  Collecting and delivering of prizes, trophies, hosting the Chairman along with the other functions meals, that the captain had to arrange.  However most importantly, Cathy was my dictionary, scribe and for the lack of a better word my English tutor. Checking the numerous reports, letters and communications that form part of a captains year.  I thank you for the time and help standing next to me over the past few years. Love you lots


To each and every Easterns Nomad, thank you for the opportunity you afforded me to lead this great club. Playing your monthly game is only a small part of being part of this organisation. I challenge you to get involved in the broader aspects of Nomads in order to experience the true camaraderie and depth of commitment to our Nomads ideology.


I leave you with my motto for the year




Yours in Nomads

Mark  Ablett

Captain 2018/19





Kempton Park Report
Congratulations to David Hoehler who played his 300th monthly game, a
re-markable achievement considering that he has played 300 out of a
possible 302 in the 25 odd years he has been a member – Thanks Dave
for also supply-ing us all with a Stella Artois after the game at
Kempton to celebrate this mile-stone as well as your hole in one
achieved at the national tournament in March.
As this is my last monthly report I would like to take this opportunity
to Thank all the clubs and their members who have so willingly
accommodated us during this past year, as well as our ladies
who do such wonderful work and give up their valuable time to
ensure that our day is organized. Finally to all Easterns’
members for their support and cooperation together with the
2017/8 com-mittee for all their hard work and dedication.
On behalf of all Easterns Nomads I would like to wish Mark Ablett
and the 2018/19 committee who have now taken over the running of
the club the very best for this coming year.
Please do not forget to enter the May game at BCC which is also
our 40th Anni-versary celebration.

Nomads Captains Report –Glendower 9th November 2016

The day started off well with a breakfast hosted by Easterns to get some feedback from our Chairman Vic Hall on his visits to other clubs and how some of them do things differently. A very informative get together, our Easterns committee and our Chairman. Thanks Vic.

The weather was stunning and my 4 ball consisting of Glendower Club Captain Miguel Cardosa, took on the formidable Cargo team of Graeme Wood and Albert Spalding. Surprisingly enough Albert had a bad day and we pocketed the cash

Thanks to Graeme Wood and Albert Spalding our sponsors of the day from Cargo Mercedes Benz for the sponsorship and the quality Mercedes Benz prizes, which were handed out.

To Miguel Cardosa, the Glendower Captain, thanks to you and your members for giving up the course for the afternoon. It was highly appreciated. The course was in excellent condition and the days average of 28.0 proves that the course was playing long.

However all was not well and the weather closed in and not all the field managed to complete their rounds. We did however get every one through 9 Holes and 40% did not play the full 18. 15% did not bother to enter a score after the game. Gentlemen this is unacceptable.

A huge congratulation to Tony Halse, who played his 300th Nomads monthly game. Tony decided to give tradition a miss and enjoyed a Cold Castle light instead of Champagne. Alec Saunders from Gauteng also played on the day in his 549th game. He will be receiving his 550 game badge on the 2nd December at Gautengs monthly game. Well done, Alec.

Joe Gumede also received his 100 game badge

5 year Tie’s for Phil Mayeza, Wes Kruger and 15 year ties for Greg Merwitz and Jack Herzfield.

To Terry, Cathy and Lindsay a big thank you for all the work you did with the chaos that prevailed. Glendower landed up having one of the worst flash floods I have ever seen. Players were unable to get to their cars to collect kit and some were trapped in the change rooms. The water that flooded into the clubhouse, took out the power to the projector and all the sound equipment. Prize giving ran late and had to be done with out the normal Microphones etc.

To Mark Ablett and Tee starters, Mike King, Ron Harris and Alan Harris, thank you for getting the field away on time.

See you all at our next monthly game at Lake Club Benoni on Saturday the 26th November. Remember that this is our Xmas game and we have music and food after the game


- Vic Lankilde

The new playing year got o to a very wet start with oMike Headur
May game being washed out at State Mines. Thank you
very much to the Captain, Jan Delport and the
management of State Mines, who agreed to allow us to
replay the game on 24 June at no extra charge and even
moving one of their scheduled annual competitions that
was to take place on the day. We sadly heard on the day
that Mike Tarr, a 35 year Honorary Nomad and past Captain had passed on earlier that
morning after a long illness. Our condolences go out to his family as well as fellow
Nomad Joe Gumede’s families, who’s wife also left us two days later.
Congratulations to our Junior Vice Captain Hector King as well as all the Springs Nomads
for making the Memorial Day such a success. Despite only 32 Nomads supporting this
day +/- R16000.00 was raised for Hospice. Springs golf course is in fantastic condition
and I urge all you skeptics to go and see for yourself.
Our Kempton Park game was a total contrast, with perfect weather and on behalf of
Easterns I would like to thank the management and staff at Kempton Park golf club for
hosting us, as well as our starters for the day and in particular our lovely Ladies Terry and
Cathy, without whom we would be chasing our tails.
I had the pleasure and honour of playing with Geoff Fairhurst (Chairman KPGC), Ian
Griffiths (Captain KPGC) and Philip Michaux (Imperial CEO) and in true Imperial spirit, Phil
and I sponsored them.
Peter Retief, the sales and marketing manager of Tempest car hire not only sponsored
our June golf day, for which we are greatfull, he also handed the overall prize that
We wish to thank our Natinal Sponsors
Tempest also sponsors for the Tempest national IKO swindle of a 4 Night stay at a
Southern Sun Hotel , 2 x Return air tickets and 4 days car hire over and above the
R3200.00 cash to Neville Saunders (Easterns). – Thank you TEMPEST and let me remind
you that the only way we can show our gratitude to such loyal sponsors, is to support
their brand wherever and whenever possible.
After such a successful day and even winning the rugby, we awoke to the very sad and
shocking news that Clive Muller, a 8 year Easterns Nomad, had passed away in his sleep
earlier that morning, our thoughts and prayers go out to his family – RIP friend.
Upcoming events
• Diamond Challenge 8/9 July Sun City
• Highveld Trophy July 12 Ruimsig
Mike Fick

Captains Report September 2016

A Total of 15 Easterns went travelling to the Lowveld for the annual Les Trophy which was held on 27th & 28th August at Sabie River Golf Course in Hazyveiw.

The weather was amazing and we all met for drinks at the hotel on Friday night, The food was outstanding the whole weekend. The golf was also good as long as you never went to close looking for your ball

I know we all played as best as we could but unfortunately the prize went to Lowveld by a very small margin

rob Mclagen

Seen above is Rob Mc Clagan – Lowveld Captain receiving the Les Trophy from last years winners Theo Mason from Swaziland. Easterns finished in 2nd position but no accolades.

On Saturday 3rd September we played at Royal Oak in the morning field
My four ball consisted of Manny Merkel (Captain – Royal Oak) Les Mathews (Sponsor) and Brett Skinner (Prospective Nomad) We had a bet running but when we added the final scores it was tie so no money changed hands.
The weather was superb and a great day was had by allLes, thanks again for sponsoring our  Royal Oak game, your support for Easterns is truly appreciated.
To the Members of Royal Oak, a special thank you for allowing us the use of your course on a Saterday morning.
To our Ladies Cathy and Terry a big thank you to you both.
To Mark Ablett and our tee starters raymond Lindsay and Struan King, well done chaps.
A much improved field of 110 Nomads came out to play and did they play with the day’s average an impressive 30.2 points
Congratulations to Dave Diesel on getting his 15year tie and also a 15year service for Lindsay Rees.
Reminder to you all, Inputting your Nomads score into the SAGA handicapping system is your responsibility.
At Germiston 23 players never entered scores and at Modderfontein 15 players never entered their scores & 3 were entered incorrectly.
This is un-acceptable and Nomads who do not enter all scores correctly will be penalised.

Join us on Sunday morning & afternoon at Ebotse Links for our next Game. This game is special to Easterns as it will be our National Chairman, Vic Hall’s official visit to Easterns.
In addition it will be the 500th Game Badge for Easterns Stalwart, jimmy Sales.
Jimmy will also be receiving his 45 year tie. What a tremendous achievement and I urge you all to come and play and honour this amazing achievement!

Vic Langkilde

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